Still Depressed About the Texans? Bad Lip Reading the NFL Is the Cure

Some of you are moping around the city still upset about the Texans' loss. I hear you on the sports radio all angry and frustrated and depressed. Sad Texan fan is sad. But time to buck up there, Jimmy sadface. The season for the Texans is over and it's okay. Now, you don't have to even think about the Super Bowl. You can just enjoy the party, drink heavily and judge the ads like the rest of the planet.

But while you're waiting on that, I have something to salve your wounds, to be a reminder that the sun will shine again, which, coincidentally, it did for the first time in days on Wednesday morning, just like Little Orphan Annie said it would. It's the latest from the folks at Bad Lip Reading.

If you've never seen the videos, clips from films like Twilight and The Hunger Games as well as videos from politicians and the like are muted and the sound replaced with a seriously bad job of lip reading. The thing is, they look startlingly real and, better yet, the man behind them is from right here in Houston.

I'm still convinced Paul Ryan's band is called Steak Baby and the lyrics to his song "Quench Your Heartbeat" include "Hop on the pickle for your parents." And nothing to me says Rick Perry like "Save a pretzel for the gas jets."

This week, they released their latest installment and this one is all NFL. If any of you really thought Jim Harbaugh liked cake, that Matt Schaub was talking about kittens on the sidelines to players and that Wade Phillips had hate in his heart, you'd be right.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.