Still Need Gas? Here Are The Stations With It (And Without It)

Gas shortages are expected as Hurricane Harvey travels inland.
Gas shortages are expected as Hurricane Harvey travels inland. Photo by Mark Bonica/Flickr

With Hurricane Harvey moving inland, finding gas could be increasingly more difficult. The Environmental Protection Agency has already issued an emergency waiver of environmental standards on fuel to help combat any shortages.

If you're still looking for gas (or just want to make sure you're filled up) within the 610 Loop, here is a list of stations you can, and can't, refuel at as of Saturday morning.


Valero, 4101 Bellaire: Yes, but maybe not for long.

Shell, 2302 West Holcombe: Yes with about 6,000 gallons left.

Chevron, 2424 Old Spanish Trail: No gas and unsure about any refills.

Exxon, 2111 Southmore: Gas in all grades.

Exxon, 2539 Bissonnet: Yes.

Kroger, 7747 Kirby: No gas.

Texaco, 7901 Main: Yes.

Circle K, 8301 Holy Hall: No gas.


Chevron, 4423 San Felipe: Has gas.

Exxon, 3802 Westheimer: Yes and received a new load Friday.

Exxon, 3140 Southwest Freeway: No gas.

Shell, 920 Richmond: Yes.

Shell, 2602 West Loop: "We've got plenty of gas."


Texaco, 5333 Katy: No gas with none coming in.

Shell, 319 Shepherd: Yes has gas.

Shell, 2802 Washington: Yes, although not sure for how long.

Shell, 3424 Katy Freeway: Has gas.


Kay-B, 4620 Main: Yes.

Chevron, 733 North Loop: Has gas.

Valero, 2000 West 18th: Yes, but "hard to say" for how long.

Phillips 66, 2627 T.C. Jester: Yes.

Valero, 1544 North Shepherd: "We have gas."

Kroger 1049 North Shepherd: Yes.


Citgo, 3501 Eastern Freeway: Yes, "we have everything."

Shell, 2926 North Freeway: Has gas.

Valero, 5711 Irvington: Yes.

Shell, 718 North Loop: Yes, "a lot."

Shell, 2819 Quitman: No gas, waiting for delivery.


Gulf, 3810 Liberty: No gas.

Shell, 5440 Interstate 10: Yes.

Chevron, 5445 East Freeway: Yes, "until it runs out."

Exxon, 738 Lathrop: Has gas.


Phillips 66, 3503 Gulf Way: Yes.

Citgo, 1430 Telephone: Has gas.

Valero, 730 South Wayside: No gas.

Chevron, 3506 Elgin: Yes.

Exxon, 2402 South Wayside: Has midgrade and super but no regular.

Chevron, 2490 South Wayside: No gas.


Sunoco, 6115 South Loop: Has gas.

Texaco, 7140 Scott: Yes.

Citgo, 3402 Old Spanish Trail: Has gas.

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