Stoner Follies: Bryan Man's Mislaid Bong Leads To Two Felony Charges

Bryan's Gary Emil Maale, 20, faces two counts of felony drug possession after a cop patrolling Maale's apartment complex noticed a bong left in full view on his front porch. Evidently that piqued the curiosity of the cop, who reported that he decided to pay Maale a visit and noticed the smell of burning marijuana coming from inside his apartment.

Maale copped to having some weed and consented to a search of his apartment, whereupon, according to the arrest report, the cop found pot, more bongs, a few tabs of Ecstasy and what is believed to be LSD. Maale now faces two counts of felony drug possession, each punishable by up to 20 years in prison. Which is way, way too harsh, even for someone loopy enough to leave a bong out on a porch in an apartment complex, but we digress.

We just wonder if this little beauty was one of the ones found in the bust -- perhaps even the very one Maale left out for all the world to see. Back in April of 2008, a bong aficionado by the name of Gary Maale gave it a five-star review and called "a badass piece," "very thick and vibrantly colored" and "the perfect size as well...higly recommend." (All spellings original to Maale's review.)

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