Stop the Hatin'. Unless You're Talking about the Mavericks, Of Course.

For the diehard oh-my-God-I-love-the-Rockets-and-T-Mac-will-no-longer-be-a-second-round-virgin fan, Saturday was devastating. Of course, it hurts more when you get to eat your words which were posted on a Web site for everyone to see.

To clear up my previous entry, I don’t think T-Mac was being arrogant and I don’t think Houston fans were being arrogant, so much as hopeful. Golden State may have been wearing the “We Believe” shirts, but I think most Houston fans, even the ones who would consider such blasphemy as trading T-Mac, believed we could do it this year.

Also to those of you who didn’t think T-Mac came through: 29 points. 13 assists. 5 rebounds. Compare that to Nowitzki’s Game 6: 8 points, 10 rebounds and 2 assists. T-Mac did everything he could, and there is no way he can be blamed for not bringing his team through. He is the one who helped us get this far, and he will continue to do so. And yeah, I wonder why Mutombo barely played, why we didn’t start fouling until there were only 8.7 seconds left in the fourth, and why the 7’ 6” China man couldn’t catch the balls.

I’m not denying that the Rockets have a cloudy future, and they definitely have their work cut out to get to championship level. But it really irks me when people from Houston start bashing the Rockets and Jeff Van Gundy. We were the fourth seed in the Western Conference (by far the stronger conference) with our superstars missing 45 games. I’m not justifying our losses with our standing, but you can’t overlook that. So quit fair-weathering, and support your team. They had a great season.

And to respond to the last comment on my Golden State post: Yeah. I’m back on the Golden State bandwagon. While the Suns were my second favorite Western Conference team pre-playoffs, I love the inspirational underdog stories, I want to see the Jazz get creamed before conference finals, and I’ll support anyone who put the Mavericks in their place. – Ishanee Parikh

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