Strange Liquid Falls From Sky; It Appears To Resemble The "Rain" Oldtimers Talk About

Downtown Houston is dark, lightning is striking (and occasionally killing our computers here at the Press) and the wind is blowing trees around.

But that's not the weirdest thing.

There is some sort of liquid-y material that is dropping from the sky. As in, it is somehow escaping from clouds and falling to earth. From our windows it looks like water.

We've heard tell of this in other areas of the country -- New Yorkers, for instance, have been talking about having a "rainy" summer.

And oldtimers here in Houston often speak of this "rain" phenomenon. We ourselves vaguely remember something about it, but it's been a long, long time.

We fear that this "rain" will damage the crucial process by which Houstonians' lawns are turned to a lush dun brown. It might even allow flowers and plants to proliferate, requiring expensive pruning.

We are putting out feelers to the scientific community to explain what is going on, but we fear they are huddling in their cubicles, baffled by this odd event.

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