Stray Horses Wander Onto Busy Houston Highway During Rush Hour, One Killed

It's pretty common, albeit terribly unfortunate, to see stray animals -- usually dogs or the occasional cat -- make their way across busy Houston highways, stranded in the middle of traffic as terrified onlookers whiz past. Rarely are those stray animals horses, though.

But that's exactly what drivers in Northwest Houston came across during rush hour Monday morning, when a pair of horses wandered onto the highway at 249 and West Montgomery, and right into oncoming traffic.

Drivers said they could only watch as one of the stray horses collided with a car, killing him on impact. The driver of the car was uninjured, according to reports, but the accident still left not only the folks on the road, but the other horse, in shock.

According to witnesses, the uninjured horse appeared to be concerned about his friend, nuzzling him with his nose as he lay dead in the street. (Seriously. This is all very heartbreaking.)

But there is one tiny bright spot in this horse-in-traffic tragedy: Witnesses say the other horse was able to get out of rush hour traffic with no injuries, since it had slowed to a crawl after the initial collision. So at least one of the horses made it out of this mess.

The uninjured horse went missing before emergency crews arrived on the scene though, so hopefully somebody comes across the poor guy before he finds his way onto another busy street (we can't stomach another one of these stories any time soon, y'all).

There is still no word on where the horses came from, or who they belong to.

Please make sure you secure your animals, guys. They can't compete with tons of steel hurtling at them at 50 miles an hour -- even the big ones -- and now this poor horse has lost his adventure buddy because of it.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.