Street Preacher Responds to UH Students Who Compare His Church to Westboro Baptist

If you're an abortion advocating-atheist-transgender person, David Stokes probably hates you. Actually, to be more accurate, Stokes probably wants to save you. He'll gladly share this with you on a sign that might say you're going to hell, too.

The self-proclaimed street preacher took it to the University of Houston in a letter to the editor published yesterday on thedailycougar.com, after a student journalist compared his Bulldog Ministries with Westboro Baptist Church. In case you missed it, the head of that church, the hate spewing anti-gay preacher Fred Phelps Sr. died last month.

The Daily Cougar had the March 24 article headlined "Phelps' death calls for reflection on local campus bigots." Big points for localizing a national story. Bulldog Ministries has been a presence on campus for at least a couple of years, angering some student organizations, particularly the campus' LGBT group. But, according to Stokes' letter, his is another variety of anti-gay religious rhetoric.

Stokes shot down any comparison with Phelps or Westboro (which was recently booted from an Oklahoma town). "We are not Westboro Baptist Church!" he wrote in his letter to the editor. "We do not preach or hold signs at anyone's funeral," he said, referring to the practice of Westboro protesting outside military funerals and thanking God for military deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Student Marcus Arceneaux, who wrote the part of the Op-Ed Stokes was responding to, had a few good lines, though, calling Phelps an "old, decrepit man [who] drew a line on civic duty when it came to homosexuals." Although he compared Phelps' attacks on gays with Bulldog's presence at the University of Houston, he gave Stoke's credit for being more inclusive in his proselytizing.

"At least Bulldog Ministries -- the demagogues who like to roam UH's campus -- covers a larger spectrum of "sinners." According to it, neither the sex-before-marriage males nor the short-shorts wearing females of UH will be allotted ice water in hell."

We're wondering what Stokes thinks about the yoga pants females, too.

Stokes didn't respond to an email seeking comment for this Hair Balls post, but we're sure he's been busy today telling college kids or folks over in Montrose to stop being gay or having sex before marriage.

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