Stuck with a Fork: Baseball Writers, Awards, Bonuses and Curt Schilling

Have you ever had one of those days? Well, I had one of those nights.

I’d just spent several hours working on a post making fun of Jose de Jesus Ortiz for pushing a rule that would prohibit the writers from giving an MVP or Cy Young vote to a player with a clause in his contract awarding him a bonus from such award. (Yes, no matter what some of my critics think, I do spend some time on these things.)

But just as I’d finished, and just as I was checking all of my sources and making sure I had the correct links, a new story came across the wires stating that the writers had tabled this little matter and decided not to pursue it further.

Which makes perfect sense. Because, you see, the players don’t need the writers. The players can cast aside those awards and find other ways to be rewarded. But the writers do need the players. Without the players, the baseball writers have no relevance.

Now they get to keep their relevance. Until Curt Schilling goes blowing off his mouth. Again. -- John Royal

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