Study Finds That Houston Hispanics Like Beer. Next Up: Are Baseballs Round?

A study done for the journal

Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research

(Motto: "You Don't Want To Come To Our Office Parties") has revealed a shocking truth: Hispanics like beer.

More than 5,000 Hispanics were interviewed in Miami, New York, Philly, LA and right here in Houston to determine this.

"Currently, there is not much information about beverage preference among Hispanics and how that differs across national groups," says Raul Caetano, a UT professor who worked on the study and who has apparently never attended a Hispanic wedding.

The study mostly focused on whether preferences would be different among Mexican-Americans, Puerto Ricans, Cuban-Americans and South/Central Americans. They weren't.

Except for one: "Wine was closely associated with binge drinking among Cuban-American and South/Central American women than beer," Caetano said.

Still, among the men in the survey, beer accounted for anywhere from 52 percent to 72 percent of their alcohol consumption.

Next up: Whether Irish men prefer Guiness or appletinis.

-- Richard Connelly

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