Sugar Land Democratic Congressional Candidate Has Bold Plan To Win Her Primary: Call For Obama's Impeachment

Sugar Land's 22nd congressional district has seen its share of entertaining candidates, from kingpin Tom DeLay to Shelley "DraculaCunt" Skeula-Gibbs. Now it's represented by boring old Pete Olson, who can only bring the occasional crazy.

But people, we are here to tell you that the 22nd's long national nightmare of non-craziness may soon be over. Running for the Democratic nomination for the seat is one Kesha Rogers.

So what, you say? No Democrat is going to win that seat unless its once again in the immediate aftermath of a DeLay resignation? Guess again -- Rogers has got an issue bound to appeal to Sugar Landers, and she's way out in front of Olson on it.

Olson may criticize the president every chance he gets; Rogers wants to impeach him.

"We have to act now, with a sense of urgency, to take our nation back to a standard of economic development for the future," she says in a video, if you can hear her over the wind.

Young, black, Democratic, calling for Obama's impeachment -- she's a Fox News/Rush wet dream, right?

Maybe not. Her website, which actually features some videos where she isn't shivering outside, proudly cites her stint as "an active member" in the LaRouche Youth Movement six years ago. She's still a LaRouchie, as people tend to call the followers of the, well....fringe movement that can make Tea Partiers and birthers seem like a Harvard seminar.

Rogers and her supporters can sometimes be seen holding sings on 59 that feature Obama with a Hitler mustache and other such contributions to political discourse.

She faces two other opponents in the Democratic primary.

Neither are calling for Obama's impeachment, in case you're wondering.

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