Sugar Land Gets One Step Closer To Minor-League Baseball -- And A Team Name

The city council of Sugar Land agreed this week to work with a company that specializes in getting cities to build minor-league baseball parks and get teams to go in them.

The city approved a Memorandum of Understanding with Opening Day Partners that will provide an exclusive window for the two sides to forge a plan to build a stadium and see what level of minor-league team should be in it.

Sugar Land has already designated an entertainment district near Highway 59 (approved by voters in a special election) to hold the stadium, and the hope is to have it ready for the 2012 season, with public and private financing.

"This is a project that combines more than a decade of citizen surveys, parks master plans, City Comprehensive Plans and Economic Development plans with the efforts of a citizen task force," Mayor James Thompson told Fort Bend Now. "We are looking forward to the possibility of working with Opening Day Partners to make our vision a reality."

Part of what Opening Day Partners prides itself on is having "Name the Team" contests. So you can expect to give Sugar Land your input on this crucial issue.

The Sugar Land Tea Partiers might be too wordy, but the Birthers is kinda catchy. You could call the team the Indicted in honor of Tom DeLay. Or maybe the Sugar Land Smilin' Mugshots is better.

Sugar Land itself is not known for much more than malls, strip shopping centers and tracts of suburbia, none of which lend themselves too readily to nicknames.

And the Sugar Land "55 Minutes From Williams Trace to the Loop" doesn't really roll off the tongue.

The trend among minor-league franchises in all sports these days is to go wacky, so we cannot wait to see what Sugar Land and its new partner come up with.

Don't disappoint us, boys.

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Richard Connelly
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