Sugar Land, Missouri City Get Into The Entertainment Business

Lost a bit in the election coverage -- although it's every bit as important as a black man getting elected president, dammit -- was the news that Sugar Land voters approved a series of proposals to create a

cultural and entertainment district


The four linked proposals passed rather easily. They allow the city to use some existing tax revenue, plus new taxes on parking and hotels, to fund a minor-league baseball stadium, 6,500-seat concert venue, a hotel and some other stuff.

There aren't any actual plans in place to do this, in terms of developers lined up ready to move dirt. But we're sure in this booming economy that will be no problem.

"The City has completed a market assessment of the opportunities to develop a minor league baseball in Sugar Land and has received calls expressing interest in the community from interested parties, but there is no agreement in place to develop minor league baseball in Sugar Land at this time," the development's proponents explain on their web site.

Sugar Land's neighbor, Missouri City, also approved an entertainment-related project. The city will sell $17 million worth of bonds to buy and renovate the Quail Valley golf courses, because golf courses are such a booming business these days.

-- Richard Connelly

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.