Suggested Names For NASA's New Space Station Module

Photo courtesy NASA
NASA is asking for the public's help in coming up with a name for the newest module on the International Space Station.

The module will be "the world's ultimate observation deck":

Eight refrigerator-sized racks in the Node 3 module will provide room for many of the station's life support systems. Attached to the node is the cupola, a one-of-a-kind work station with six windows around the sides and one on top. The cupola will offer astronauts a spectacular view of their home planet and their home in space. In addition to providing a perfect location to observe and photograph Earth, the cupola also will contain a robotics workstation from which astronauts will be able to control the station's 57-foot robotic arm.

The bad news: You get to pick from one of the four most boring suggestions possible: Earthrise, Legacy, Serenity or Venture.

The good news: They're also taking write-in votes.

Some possibilities to consider:

Still Here! -- To remind everyone who forgets there are humans orbiting the earth, even when there's not some mishap that makes the news.

Le Boondoggle -- The French bit makes it classy, like Le Car or Le Hair Shoppe.

Windows 4.0 -- Because -- get it -- it's got a lot of windows! This is to appeal to computer types. We actually have no idea what point-o Windows is up to these days.

The Bachelor Pad -- Face it, you get some chick up in a weightless room with big windows overlooking the vastness of space and the blue marble of earth, even if you look like Urkel you're gonna end up "slappin' her ass with your meat," as the Geto Boys so eloquently put it. It's right out of a low-budget `60s movie, so bring the appropriate Henry Mancini soundtrack.

The Whitney Houston -- Because it's high and high-maintenance.

Penelope Cruz's Bedroom -- Because, like its namesake, it's one place you're never going to be in.

-- Richard Connelly

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