We are NOT jinxing anything

Summer AND Hurricane Season Over For Houston (Unofficially, But We're Going With It)

Not to jinx anything, but it looks very much like Houston has avoided any real tropical storm experience in what was/is supposed to be the hyperactive hurricane season of 2010.

When Eric Berger of the Houston Chronicle says so, that's good enough for us. And if we're overstating his confidence that this weekend's cold front absolutely, without a doubt, 100-percent guarantees that hurricane season is over for us, take it up with him.

A slight cold front comes through this weekend, and a bigger one next week. Once that happens -- for reasons full of meteorological mumbo-jjumbo -- an impenetrable force field grows that protects Houston from tropical storms.

And it came right on time this year, despite  some earlier hedging that 2010 might see a longer season than usual for us.

There is a tropical storm hitting Central America at the moment, and some computers call for it to take a drastic northern turn into the Gulf of Mexico, but not even a single outlier brings it to Texas.

Florida, maybe.

So that's it everyone: Let your guard down. Pour your bottled water down the sink. File the evacuation plans away. We've made it through another year, and now we can begin to revel in Houston's weather, watching other cities suffer via cold or hurricanes.

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