Summer Jobs: Top Five Ways to Get Employed

It's just about summertime, when the heat descends and the bugs surface, reminding you that you do actually live on a swamp. And if you're a teen, there's another thing a'coming to bite you in the butt -- the summer job search.

This season will be no picnic for Houston teens. Mike Saltsman, a research fellow at the Employment Policies Institute in D.C., studies teen unemployment numbers, which he called "historically high." The stats track teens ages 16-19 who are actively seeking employment. "What we have seen in Texas is that right now, as of the end of 2010, the state teen employment rate is at a decade low," Saltsman said. In January 2011, about 22 precent of teens were unemployed. In 2001, the number was just 16 percent.

But with a little hard work, even you can wake up early, come home late covered in deep-fryer grease and get on the lather/rinse/repeat cycle of a real job-having adult. (Getting paid, you'll find, is not a bad trade.) Here are five expert tips how.

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Mandy Oaklander
Contact: Mandy Oaklander