Summer of Johnny II: 4th of July in Vegas (Where Else?)

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Okay, we've provided an update on Johnny Manziel's weekend whereabouts pretty much every weekend since he was drafted by the Browns, so you didn't think we would go through a weekend in July, a holiday weekend, no less, without a Manziel update, did you?


No, I mean it, it's literally impossible for there not to be a Johnny Manziel update, since every shred of Johnny's business ends up convening on the Internet at some point.

Admittedly, it took longer for this past weekend's exploits to go public than we thought it would, but eventually it happened, and there's only one real noteworthy thing.

First, Manziel wound up doing his thing in Vegas again, a spot that's quickly becoming his holiday go-to. (If you remember, the first Johnny Vegas weekend, the one with Gronk, was over Memorial Day.)

As it turns out, he was first spotted heading to Sin City on a flight by this person whose Twitter name is listed as "Corey Kaepernick." I have no idea if he's related to Colin, but I will say that dude looks a lot like him. (So it could be a nickname.). Corey tweeted this:

Strangely enough, this was tweeted out on Friday, and got zero traction on the web. Only one retweet as of Sunday afternoon. I retweeted it and it picked up a little bit of steam after that, but nearly as much steam as this little picture did on Sunday night, as first reported by Busted Coverage:

I googled "reasons to roll your money," and aside from a slew of links about what to do with your 401K after changing employers, it appears the only reason to actually physically roll a piece of paper currency is to use it as an apparatus through which to ingest foreign substances nasally.

So there's that.

Again, who knows? That may not even be Johnny. And that person may just be into a really expensive form of origami. We just don't know.

What do we know?

Well, we know that eventually Johnny made it to the Elite 11 quarterback camp to counsel some of the aspiring young Manziel wannabes out there.

No word on whether the camp has a classroom session where the kids learn how to schedule airline tickets, roll cash or make friends with musicians.

Never too soon to get on the Biebs Rolodex.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.