Summer Of Johnny II: Johnny Manziel Spotted In Houston On The "Money Phone"!

It's hard to really ascertain anything from OTA's.

Players aren't wearing pads, depth charts for some of the scrubbier teams are still being formulated, players rehabbing from injuries aren't even taking part. So the whole structure is not really conducive to enlightenment.

In Cleveland, Mike Pettine has been about as forthcoming as any head coach can be, giving actual subjective updates on the quarterback battle between Brian Hoyer and Johnny Manziel, and even with Pettine's updates, the whole thing is still fairly nebulous.

But if there's one thing that has become readily apparent through OTA's, it is this -- Johnny Manziel has no intentions of embracing the nightlife in Cleveland, and will get the hell out of the city every chance he gets.

This weekend, we did what we should've had a chance to do on draft night --- we welcomed Johnny Manziel to Houston!

Apparently, Johnny's BFF Drake was in town doing some sort of three day homage to Houston, including hanging out at an Astros game, doing a concert in the intimate Warehouse Live setting on Saturday night, and maybe even a puppet show or some magic tricks in Memorial Park.

At any rate, the dynamic duo were reunited, and it felt so good....

And as if Johnny Manziel and Drake collaborating on social media weren't ground shaking enough, along came pictures of Johnny with this pretty little thing in the white skirt. Johnny's trim exploits on Instagram are nothing new, but this one was different -- apparently, the girl in this picture is Colleen Crowley, the sister of Houston Rockets forward Chandler Parsons' girlfriend, Robyn Crowley....

I don't see Chandler Parsons or Robyn Crowley in any of these pictures, which explains why the earth is still rotating on its axis. A Chandler and Johnny poon-slaying super hero duo would be a force that could only be stopped via nuclear weapons. Or J.J. Watt. At any rate, perhaps Johnny was calling Chandler and telling him to come over on his new Money Phone...

I'm sure Mark May has no opinion at all on this video.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.