Summer Olympics Weather Will Feel More Like Autumn for Many

Jolly ol' England with its fish and chips and beefeaters and shrimp on the barbie...wait, OK, not that last one, is hosting the Summer Olympic Games this year as everyone who isn't living in a cave probably knows (they might know as well). They've gone all out over the last ten years' building facilities, tightening security and preparing literally hundreds of thousands of kippers for breakfast (mommy dear, mommy dear). Sorry, brief lapse into Supertramp speak for a moment.

What it is tough to prepare for in London and surrounding areas, however, is weather. London fog is not just a stylish raincoat company, it's a real thing. Britain is cool, damp and often overcast, which could make for a pretty gloomy summer games in contrast to spots like Barcelona and Beijing. But, it is what it is, so let's see what athletes and attendees have in store.

Right now, the London area is going through what they might term a heatwave with high temperatures in the 80s (I know, right?) and fairly sunny conditions, but that is all about to change as a series of cold fronts push across the British isles bringing rain and colder weather.

In fact, the forecast calls for cloudy and sometimes rainy conditions with highs in the 60s the entire first week of the games. With that type of weather pattern setting in for what appears to be a few weeks, it is likely going to be a soggy Olympics.

As for the opening ceremonies -- the thing the vast majority of you care about most -- there is a 40-50 percent chance of rain and temperatures will probably be in the upper 50s to low 60s. So, when Muse busts out that Queen ripoff song complete with scary Russian choir and '80s shredder guitar solos and Coldplay reminds us simultaneously of why we love and are annoyed by our friends across the pond, there's a fairly good chance they'll be doing it in typical London weather; which is to say, kinda shitty.

But, it's like Houston. You know what you are signing on for when you decide to host outdoor events in places that aren't named San Diego. So, pip pip cheerio and all that, Olympic fans, and bring your mittens.

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