Summer Session at the Skatepark

The Kingpinz Summer Session will soon be underway at the Lee & Joe Jamail Skatepark tomorrow afternoon. Skater or not, the contest will be fascinating to watch, as the two events -- grommet run and best trick throwdown -- will feature some of the slickest skating in town. The youngsters will compete in the grommet run ("grommet" being slang for young'uns) while more veteran skaters will show off their skills in the best trick throwdown.

The Jamail Skatepark at 103 Sabine offers not only 30,000 square feet of world-class skating, but also one of the best views of downtown in the city. Open since June 2008, the skatepark has become a central meeting point for skaters and their families throughout greater Houston. Although other skateparks exist in the area, the breadth of skating activities and community-minded spirit that Jamail offers make it distinct among its peers.

Sign-in and registration for the Summer Session start at noon tomorrow, July 18. The grommet run will begin at 3:15 p.m., followed by the best trick showdown at 4:15 p.m. There are only 30 slots available for the grommet run and the best trick throwdown, but plenty of space on the lawn for spectators (tip: smart spectators will bring sunscreen and lawn chairs). And because it can get hotter than the surface of the sun on all that concrete, Ozarka and St. Arnold will be passing out refreshments to the sounds of DJ Brother Roo.

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