Summer's Here: The 11 Best Flag-Bikini Photos from Our Collection

Memorial Day marks the unofficial beginning of summer, and that means it's time for women to break out the bikinis.

Sometimes, this bikini-breakening-out can mean a display of pride in their native land, whether that involves American-flag bikinis, Confederate-flag bikinis, Texas-flag bikinis or bikinis featuring flags from around the world.

We studied all these styles in the links above, and now, in honor of summer, here are the ten best from that collection.

11. Rainbow Nation The Stars and Bars can bring everyone together, from all across the rainbow, from tan to pasty white.

10. Best euphemism ever Scotland's national anthem contains the lines "When will we see your like again / That fought and died for / Your wee bit hill and glen." There are some wee bits of hill and glen worth dying for.

9. Lone Star state of mind We quibbled with the star placement here, which isn't correct on either the tops or the bottoms, but it required close analysis.

8. Flag Code violation We noted that the Flag Code says the flag "should not be embroidered, printed or otherwise impressed on such articles as cushions." We further noted that Peaches Geldof's top looked pretty cushiony to us.

7. Ride of the Valkyries If only Robert E. Lee had a cavalry unit of Harleys at Gettysburg.

6. South of the Border Where will they keep their papers if they go to Lake Havasu?

5. Saved by the hat We don't know what the hell that Captain America thing is on the bottom, but she's rocking the hat so we'll give it a pass.

4. Embrace the cliché Not a likely Obama voter.

3. Not even half-staff Run it up the flagpole, dude.

2. A terrible beauty "Too long a sacrifice / Can make a stone of the heart," says Yeats in Easter 1916, the poem that also gave us the phrase above. And too long not in the sun can make a very, very white bikini model.

1. Stars and Stripes forever Sometimes you just have to throw the Flag Code out the window.

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