Weather Week: Holy Crap, is That The Sun?

If you don't think spring has sprung in Houston despite what it says on the calendar, just check the azaleas outside. They don't lie.
If you don't think spring has sprung in Houston despite what it says on the calendar, just check the azaleas outside. They don't lie. Photo by Melissa Galvez via Flickr
Little darling, it seems like years since it's been clear
Here comes the sun
Here comes the sun, and I say
It's all right

George Harrison seems like he acutely understood the pain of Houstonians in recent weeks. In fact, it is said that Harrison wrote the opening lines to the song on a bright spring day in the garden with Eric Clapton. About a year later, Clapton fell in love with Harrison's wife and wrote "Layla," but that's a different story for a more gloomy afternoon. Back to Houston...

For weeks, the entire region has been mired in damp, cloudy, dreary weather. From bouts with thunderstorms to roller coaster temperatures and even dense fog. the Texas Gulf coast hasn't exactly been a cheery place. And we aren't saying the rain is over entirely. We live in a nearly tropical climate and spring has sprung in these parts (check your blooming azaleas if you don't believe us). Here, it's not April showers that bring May flowers. We're about two months earlier than that clever little saying (wildflowers are just weeks from blanketing the Hill Country). So, the rain will still come, but perhaps the gloom will lift a little.

The week should start with some beautiful spring weather with sun and cool temperatures thanks to a cool front that came through over the weekend. Onshore flow will begin to creep back into the picture Tuesday and an approaching front could bring some decent rain chances on Wednesday.

But, there is now a fairly good chance this front will clear the coastline and leave behind some truly stellar weather. Think highs in the 70s, lows in the 50s and mostly sunny skies. Of course, our weather is more fickle than most, so nothing can be ruled out, but chances are improving for our first decent weather weekend in nearly a month.

Here comes the sun, indeed.
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