Sundance, Here He Comes

The red carpet and klieg lights are not far away for former Houston Press reporter Steve McVicker, who is headed to the Sundance Film Festival this weekend in connection with the Jim Carrey-Ewan McGregor movie made from the stories he wrote for us about a con man.

I Love You Phillip Morris will feature gay romance, laughs, tears and a possible big check for the producers and McVicker. The Hollywood website Defamer today picks it as one of the top entries likely to get a deal at the festival.

Defamer says the film is "already commanding the highest going rate at the fest and could tempt a Miramax or Fox Searchlight -- the latter of which is one of the few potential suitors with the proven alacrity and class to successfully sell a film like this -- to write a $9 million or $10 million check in the wee hours of Monday morning."

To which McVicker responds, "I don't have the check yet."

McVicker will be blogging the entire Sundance experience for us this weekend. We'll sure he provide tales of drug-fueled orgies, fast money and loose starlets.

You can read the original Press stories that spawned the film here and here and here and here.

-- Richard Connelly

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