After the Cold and Rain, the Sun Emerges in Houston

Forget about this nonsense. Sunny and warmer days are ahead for Houston.
Forget about this nonsense. Sunny and warmer days are ahead for Houston. Photo by Jack Gorman
Haven't we all had pretty much enough winter already? OK, some of you may like the cold, but most Houstonians would like to see the temperatures moderate for a bit and maybe even warm up somewhat. For that group, Mother Nature appears to have heard your pleas. It's not going to be air-conditioner warm out there this week. In fact, it will be least through Friday.

If the Chamber of Commerce wanted to showcase the city during the best weather of the year, they might choose the middle of this week. It is going to be sunny, dry and cool with highs in the 60s and lows in the upper 30s and low 40s. The only shame is that it's happening during the work week instead of on the weekend.

By Friday, the southerly flow will start up again and clouds will begin to move in off the Gulf ahead of a cool front expected sometime during the day on Saturday. That means overcast conditions on Friday and a pretty good chance of rain on Saturday. How much is a more difficult question to answer.

At the moment, models are a bit divided on just how much rain we are going to get from very little to a couple inches. Either way, it will be fairly dreary on Saturday before the cold front moves through.

Even with the front, temperatures will remain roughly the same as sunny skies return on Sunday with some more absolutely stellar weather to start the work week.

Long-range forecasts continue to call for milder weather with some 70s showing up next week. So, if you are getting tired of the cold weather and winter in general, you are in luck, my friend because there is going to be some absolutely fabulous weather in Houston over the next couple weeks. Get ready.
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Jeff Balke is a writer, editor, photographer, tech expert and native Houstonian. He has written for a wide range of publications and co-authored the official 50th anniversary book for the Houston Rockets.
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