Weekend Weather: Enjoy All That Cool Clear Houston Weather? Great, It's Over.

It's so gloomy and gray. Welcome to your weekend.
It's so gloomy and gray. Welcome to your weekend. Photo by Rick Kimpel via Flickr
If you haven't been holed up in a windowless room this week, you know that it has been positively gorgeous outside. Our friends over at Space City Weather said Wednesday might have been one of the nicest days of the year. We can't argue. With highs mostly in the low 70s and lows dipping into the 40s under clear skies, it has been just unbelievably nice outside in Houston. Yes, the pollen has been a beast, but even that seems to be waning slightly if the color of most cars driving around town is any indication.

Here's the thing though. Over the last few weeks, it has been stunningly beautiful during the week and gross on weekends. That may have worked for people off during spring break, but for the rest of us, can't we just have a nice, sunny, cool weekend for once? Apparently not this weekend.

Warm air off the Gulf will start moving back into the area by late Thursday and temps will start to climb. Highs on Friday will reach close to 80 degrees and low temperatures will inch back into the 60s. By Saturday, that flow of moisture from the coast will turn into cloudy, gray conditions. There probably won't be much rain around either Saturday or Sunday, but a shower can't be ruled out.

Highs both days will be in the 80s with lows around 70. You can go outside, but will you want to? If you are sun averse, this is the weekend for you though. For the rest of us, the best part of the weekend is we probably won't need to slather ourselves in sunscreen.
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