Should be a spectacular weekend for checking out the wildflowers in Texas.EXPAND
Should be a spectacular weekend for checking out the wildflowers in Texas.

Weather Weekend: Get This Sunshine Party Started

Raise your hand if you are tired of muggy, cloudy, foggy days in Houston. While there are those among us who prefer the weeks of Seattle-like weather we have experienced, the vitamin D deficient have been begging for a little sunshine and, get ready, cause it is on the way.

A very strong upper level system is sweeping through the central United States and while it won't affect us dramatically in terms of rain, the cool air behind it certainly will change things. Thursday will start warm, but a front will move through around noon and skies will start to clear in the afternoon. Temperatures won't fall quickly, but upper 40s overnight will be a big change from the muggy upper 60s we've been having.

Friday, we should see partly to mostly sunny skies with a passing cloud. But the air will be dry and the temperatures should barely get into the lower 60s. The same is essentially true of Saturday, though it could be a tad cooler depending on where you are. Closer to the coast, you may be stuck with a few showers because of a disturbance in the Gulf, but even you will clear out by Sunday.

Sunday could be the nicest day of the bunch with mostly sunny skies and highs in the mid 60s. Lows the whole weekend will be right around 50, so nights will be mostly clear and really pleasant. If you can handle the extremely high pollen and ragweed counts, maybe get outside for a bit. Enjoy.

Speaking of allergies, if you have been feeling a little stuffy, it should come as no surprise considering the pollen and ragweed numbers this spring have been higher than what we've seen in a few years — twice as much as last year by some estimates. We already have the worst tree pollen counts in the country and the next two weeks are the peak of the season. So, get your allergy meds ready and hang on.

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