Super Bowl Ads: Bud Skews Decrepit, Clint Endorses Obama -- 5 Things We Learned

Another Super Bowl, another series of high-priced, high-stakes TV ads.

What did we learn? These five things:

5. Budweiser has a hard-on for Prohibiition Because your target demographic is, we guess, is prople who remember fondly when beer was made legal again in 1933.

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4. Never ever believe a baby ad Babies = CGI, whether they're giving financial advice or bungee-jumping for junk food. Borrrrring.

3. Cameo in a Super Bowl ad equals career death Yeah, just keep telling yourself you're playfully trading off your image and you're a coup for whatever product you're hawking. It's one step over a Coushatta casino gig.

2. Clint Eastwood is an Obama supporter Maybe he didn't intend it, but every one of these "We're coming back" ads is practically an Obama in `12 campaign ad.

1. Massive extinction of human life is funny Every man, woman, gurgling baby, tow-headed smiling youth, all dead or lying helplessly breathing their last as their lifeblood seeps slowly, tortuously away.

Should have driven a Chevy!!!

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