Super Bowl Bye Week: This Weekend's Best Bets

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In radio, when we randomly want to tell you about something coming up on the show later that day or later that week, we will interject with the phrase "programming note" and then convey the message to you.

So consider this paragraph the written version of a "programming note" -- I will be in Phoenix for the Super Bowl all next week doing my radio show from Radio Row, which each year is a cavalcade of really big-name guests, most of whom are NOT there merely for the fun of it. EVERYBODY is pimping something on Radio Row.

My point is that I hope to be able to provide insight and answers to questions being right there in Phoenix that I otherwise would not be able to back here in Houston, like "Is Pete Carroll's hair that fabulous in person?" and "How does Bill Belichick smell?" So there's something to look forward to.

In the meantime, even with no football this weekend, we should keep our betting muscles honed, just to stay ready for Super Bowl weekend if nothing else. So let's look at the board and see what there is to wager on this Sunday...

2015 PRO BOWL Ah yes, the Pro Bowl! The annual backyard football game with dudes dressed in pads, flag football without the flags. This used to be a guaranteed OVER bet back in the day, when it was AFC versus NFC and everyone just made defense optional. Now with this new playground format, where captains choose sides, the players appear to actually be trying. To wit, a 22-21 victory for somebody's team last season (I don't even remember who the captains were). This season, the captains are Cris Carter and Michael Irvin. J.J. Watt helped Carter pick his team, which on defense is basically a reunion of the 2011 Texans (Mario Williams, Glover Quin, Connor Barwin, Watt). I can't jump off the Watt bandwagon now...


2015 ROYAL RUMBLE Nothing like keeping the betting muscles loose by betting on WWE events, which are predetermined and scripted....and yes, able to be wagered upon overseas. The Rumble is the gateway to the road to Wrestlemania each year, and this year is thought to be the coronation of Roman Reigns, who would get a title shot by winning the Rumble, presumably against Brock Lesnar. Reigns is a pretty prohibitive 1/3 favorite to win, according to Paddy Power. My problem is that I can't live in a world where the dude in the main event at Mania is delivering promos like this....

So I refuse to bet on him. Instead, I like the theory and scenario that WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley proposes here on his Facebook page....

So let's go with a couple unites on ... DANIEL BRYAN 10/3

And a half a unit on this insane hockey dad....

Two best parts of that video: 1) The dude isn't even shocked when he breaks the glass; he actually reaches through the newly created gap to point at somebody, and 2) the "Way to go, Paul" that someone whines at the dude. Hockey parents are brutal.

2015 MISS UNIVERSE PAGEANT Pro Bowl, Royal Rumble and Miss Universe? Sunday night is officially gonna be bananas! I'll be honest, I have no idea how to judge this whole pageant thing. I tried to do some scouting on the contestants, but when they all clear the bar of "acceptable" by about a mile, how do we parse out "this one is better than that one"? More important, how do we figure out what judges will see as "most acceptable"? So I watched this video....

And I came to this conclusion -- since all the women in this video are tied for first physically, I would then choose "Which one cooks the best?" as my first tiebreaker, and this video shows Miss Peru at the 0:36 mark apparently sautéing something delicious. So that's the pick, let's do this...MISS PERU +6000

Last week: 1-1 Season total: 60-61-1

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.