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Super Bowl in London? Does It Even Matter?

London calling to the faraway towns. Now war is declared, and battle come down

.” --

The Clash

Citing a great deal of interest, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced yesterday that the Super Bowl may someday be played overseas, most likely in London.

I would say that this is wrong, that this American of all American sporting events shouldn’t be settled on foreign soil. I can imagine former commissioner Pete Rozelle, as well as the likes of George Halas, Vince Lombardi and Johnny Unitas, rolling over in their graves at the thought. And I would imagine that, all hype aside, it really would be kind of difficult to sell this game out if it were played in London.

But then again, it’s not like the people of London would actually be allowed to attend the game. Just like the people of Phoenix won’t be allowed to attend this upcoming Super Bowl. The Super Bowl has long passed being a game that actual fans can attend. You’ve got to be rich. Or famous. Or rich and famous. Or a sponsor. Or somebody connected to attend this game. Or you’ve got to be a star of a TV show that’s airing on the host network. The average guy can’t get a ticket to this thing.

So London can have the game. We’ll just sit back at our parties and watch what will probably be a very bad game while the people of London deal with the lousy weather. And we’ll just do what every true football fan does on Super Bowl Sunday: watch the commercials. – John Royal

P.S.: Why do I fear that I’ll still be seeing commercials for Frank TV come the London Super Bowl?

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