Super Bowl XLIX: Five Prop Bets to Invest In

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We are about 48 hours away from kickoff of Super Bowl XLIX. Kickoff of the Super Bowl is always one of the most exciting times to be an American. It's football, OUR sport, played at the highest level.

But perhaps you don't have a dog in the fight this Sunday. You're not a fan of the Seahawks, maybe because Richard Sherman talks too much or because Marshawn Lynch doesn't talk enough. And you're not a fan of the Patriots because they're a bunch of spying, ball-deflating, cheating bastards! (Your words, not mine.)

So how do you maintain a suitable interest level and drive your blood pressure high enough to be dangerous? Well, PROP BETS, of course!

So let's give you a few juicy investment opportunities! Here are a few that I will be scouting heavily for Sunday.

Brandon LaFell UNDER 50.5 yards receiving (-110) For the record, I think both teams' passing games are going to have trouble getting anything down the field. The Patriots' offense is mostly short stuff and crossing routes anyway, but when they do go deep, it's usually to LaFell, who went over 50.5 yards in 11 of his final 15 games this season. However, a majority of LaFell's targets come when he is lined up wide, and the Seahawks' defensive backs held perimeter receivers to 1,219 yards this season, lowest in the league. LaFell's game plays right into the hands of Richard Sherman and the Seahawks secondary.

Russell Wilson OVER 7.5 rushing attempts (-105) Similarly, the Seahawks are going to have a hard time getting anything over the top (or anywhere on the field) against the Patriots' corner tandem of Darrelle Revis and former Seahawk Brandon Browner. Thus, Russell Wilson's legs become a bigger part of the game plan, scrambling and in the read option. He already averages 7.3 rushing attempts per game, and who knows...you may get a couple of freebies if Wilson is taking a knee or QB sneaking it at any point.

Longest TD of the game UNDER 44.5 yards (-110) I think defense is going to rule the day on Sunday, and neither of these defenses is susceptible to big plays. Combined, both teams gave up just two touchdowns from scrimmage of at least 45 yards this season. In the return game, the Patriots had one punt return for a touchdown of at least 45 yards. That's it for special teams. That leaves a fumble return or a pick six for a long touchdown, but the Seahawks had one defensive touchdown of at least 45 yards this year, the only one between both of these teams. This feels relatively safe at this level of risk.

Tom Brady's first pass COMPLETE -180 Bets on specific outcomes early in games are good potential value, considering these are drives that have been scripted for days, and more specifically, given the fact that the Patriots are going to want to stay out of bad down and distance situations early in the game, so they'll likely have a few safe short passes for Brady to get into a rhythm.

Idina Menzel national anthem UNDER 2 minutes, 1 second (-110) As I do every year, I went and found some old film on the anthem singer doing anthem things in previous games. It just so happens that Menzel performed the anthem at a Patriots-Giants regular season game back in 2007. Here's how long it went....

So it started at 0:27 and ended at 2:02. That's 1 minute, 35 seconds. So what's the catch? Has she gotten showier since then? Did she cut things short in that clip because she had to go to the bathroom? I fear a trap, but I'm not going to overthink this. Even if she extends a bunch of stanzas with superfluous wailing, it should still stay under 2 minutes.

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