Support Your Local Drag Queen, Houston

Houston may not be getting the Super Bowl again for a while, but we've got a shot at the next best thing: home of America's Next Drag Queen Superstar.

Self-titled Bayou City Bitch Anita Bump, who performs weekly at the totally-not-gay-bar Rich's, has tossed her boa into the ring for a chance to be on the Logo network's RuPaul's Drag Race. She'll be competing with the likes of Hedda Lettuce, Mimi Imfurst, and Savannah Georgia, for a chance to audition for RuPaul's show. The winner gets a cool $20K and the aforementioned title.

So far, Bump and other contestants have submitted their videos, following strict guidelines such as sticking to a pre-approved set of songs (including "Oops...I Did It Again," "I'm So Excited," and, of course, "Turn the Beat Around") but the whole thing boils down to how many online votes each queen gets. Right now, Anita's 16,000 votes behind first place.

She told Hair Balls that, unlike female impersonators trying to pass as drag queens, she's the real deal.

"If you're going to ask a girl [if] she's shopping at Salvation Army, then you yourself better be expertly dressed...and on. That's what I've always said; that's my thing....You've got to be on. I'm not a performer, I'm an entertainer."

So while Anita may have missed out on her childhood goal of becoming a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, she's got a chance to nab the crown -- but she's depending on the votes.

"But Hair Balls," you ask, "how do I go about making sure the drag queen of my choosing makes it to the show?" Good question. Here's how: go to and take a look at all the contestants. There are 26 days left to vote, and you can vote one time (from one computer) every 24 hours.

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