Surburban Shakeup: Houston Community Newspapers Sold to Nevada Chain

Houston Community Newspapers, a chain that publishes 28 suburban editions throughout the Harris County area, has finally announced its long-pending sale.

1013 Communications, a chain based out of Reno, Nevada, will be the new owner of the chain, which says it goes to 500,000 homes. HCN operates such papers as The Woodlands Villager, the Bellaire Examiner, the Pasadena Citizen and the Fort Bend Sun.

No sale price was announced.

HCN general manager Jason Joseph said the move was a good one, as you'd expect.

"The acquisition provides our readers and advertisers with award-winning newspapers in some of the country's most appealing business and residential markets," Joseph said. "The leadership of 1013, Houston Community Newspapers and The Villager shares a common goal of producing distinct local content and targeted advertising for our regions."

Get your hopes up: 1013 publishes the East Valley Tribune, a small Arizona paper which won a Pulitzer for ferreting out corruption. Don't get your hopes up: Owning newspapers these days is a complicated, cost-cutting thing, and there's no telling what will happen eventually with the HCN chain.

But a lot of observers think such localized reporting is the way to go, so we'll see.

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