"Pass the turmeric potatoes, please..."
"Pass the turmeric potatoes, please..."

Survey Says Rice Is Fourth Healthiest College in the Country

Back when Hair Balls was carefully considering which college to attend (i.e., flipping a coin), we were mostly concerned with what campus had the most liquor stores within walking distance. The furthest thing from our mind was whether any dining hall menus offered chickpea masala, like Rice University, which Greatist.com just named the fourth-healthiest college in the country.

Whole-grain-sandwiched between Virginia Tech and Washington University, Rice's cafeterias feature tons of vegetables. (We're quite proud of the fact that we never once even saw a vegetable in our six-and-half-year college career.)

These options include "marinated tofu with jicama, yucca fries, turmeric potatoes" and the aforementioned chickpea masala. "The school also ranks on College Prowler's top ten list for schools with the best intramural sports," and as if that's not enough, Greatist.com notes that Rice was ranked "by the Princeton Review as the school with the happiest students."

Frankly, we don't see how they could possibly be happier than students at Bowdoin, who can revel in their dining halls' "pear and parsnip soup" and "polenta cakes with spicy tomato chutney."

Hmmm. Maybe if we had eaten more parsnip-heavy meals instead of washing down meat-lover's pizza with Milwaukee's Best, we wouldn't have gained 29 lbs. our (first) freshman year....


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