Survivor: Metro Bus Stop -- A Hair-Raising Test Of Skill!!

Bus riders waiting on the northwest corner of 290 at Antoine have had a pretty hard time getting to their bus stop. After a handicap access ramp was built at the site, the bus stop has been impossible for Metro riders to get to without crawling over a cement obstacle or walking in the street. On the one side, there's a stationary bench and Metro trash can blocking the way. On the other side, there's a sign post right in the middle of the lumpy strip of grass, forcing able bodied riders to either squeeze against the railing or step into the street. Wheelchair users have been just plain out of luck no matter what side they've tried to use.

We're not experts on the American Disabilities Act, but we're pretty sure an access ramp is supposed to make it easier to get to the stop, not harder so we contacted METRO who told us: "METRO has about 10,000 bus stops and their accessibility is a high priority for us. METRO budgets about $300,000 annually to upgrade its existing bus stops to ensure they are accessible to our patrons, whether it's a concrete pad or damaged sidewalk that needs to be fixed. Please note the bus stop was placed there before the bridged walkway was even built. A work order has been placed to move the bus stop about 10 feet north of the bridged walkway. We project to have this done by the end of the week."

Good deal. We'll be there on Friday to check on METRO's progress. 

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