Sweat Your Ass Off Tomorrow Helping The New Buffalo Bend Nature Park

Got a couple of hours to spare Wednesday morning? The Buffalo Bayou Partnership is looking for some "heat-resistant" volunteers to help put in 9,000 wetland plants at the still under-construction nature park, Buffalo Bend Nature Park. (Okay, with that many plants it might take a little more than a couple of hours.)

The ten-acre park, which has been in the works for several years, is still in its first phase of construction and not ready for visitors yet, but eventually there'll be a series of ponds, a look-out mound/amphitheater, hike and bike trails, a boardwalk and observation deck. There'll also be an small island that's inaccessible to visitors and varmints alike. (It will serve as a predator-free rest stop for the thousands of migrating birds that fly through the area every year.)

But first they have to get those wetland plants in. All 9,000 of them. "It's a unique volunteer opportunity," Jennifer Gaines, of Buffalo Bayou Partnership tells Hair Balls. "You're going to get wet, muddy, and dirty. And, in this weather, getting soaked might not be a bad idea." Volunteers should be at Buffalo Bend Nature Park at 9 a.m. Wednesday morning for a quick orientation before they get to work. For information, and directions to the East End site, call 713-752-0314.

Oh, and if you can't get to the park tomorrow, you'll get another chance to help in the fall when a reforestation project is planned.

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