Swine Flu 1, Lyons Elementary 0

HISD is working on its first swine flu evacuation, which started with about an hour left of TAKS testing. The students at Lyons Elementary will have to take the whole thing over again, according to district spokesman Norm Uhl.

The infected child that caused the evacuation wasn't at school today, but this morning, the district received a call from the city alerting them of a confirmed flu case from Lyons, and the city suggested the school close. It did, and the district alerted parents using its automated phone system, ConnectEd.

Problem is, about 10 to 30 percent of parents don't get the call, according to Uhl.

"She sat there for an hour and nobody called me," said Alejandra Reyes, referring to her daughter, Alejandra Bravo. Reyes heard about the evacuation from a friend.

The evacuation started shortly after lunch, according to fifth-grader Bravo, when the vice principal announced that all students and teachers needed to come to the "multi-purpose" room. That's where the students sat waiting for parents.

Uhl wasn't sure how many students remained after the initial wave of pick-ups, but said he expects to be there late waiting for the last child to leave. Anybody with questions can call the district's swine flu hotline at 713-556-6005, and more information from the district is here.

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