Sybil Berndt, 89, Left Dead on Floor for Months by Twin Sons, Bayou Body Count No. 48 (Updated: They're Rich)

Two undeniably creep-looking twin brother have been charged with murder for letting their mother slowly die from neglect after she fell in her home near Hobby Airport, Houston police say.

They then left her dead body on the floor for three months.

Sybil Berndt, 89, was discovered dead about 4:30 Monday afternoon in her home in the 8400 block of Glenscot. Her sons Edward Larry and Edwin Christian, both 48, "told investigators they were Ms. Berndt's caregivers and, on January 10, she had sustained injuries from a fall," HPD says. "The sons then left Ms. Berndt on the floor for three days without providing her medical attention, food or water. Ms. Berndt died on January 13."

The twins have been charged with murder. HPD did not give out any information on how they might be related to the victim, but KHOU reports she was their mother.

Update: As if this case needed to be any more odd, KHOU's Courtney Zubowsky is tweeting that a judge has determined the twins are flight risks because they have access to more than $700,000 in their mother's account.

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Richard Connelly
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