T-Mac Puts Up His Benz On E-Bay (Not For Charity, Either)

If you happen to be sitting on a big pile of cash because you never invested in sub-prime mortgages or wrote Bernie Madoff a check, you might want to scoot on over to eBay and bid on Houston Rocket Tracy McGrady's sweet ride.

That's right: T-Mac is auctioning his customized CL-Class Mercedes-Benz (Florida license plate #T1MAC). The asking price is $150,000, and the winner will get to meet Mr. Mac, according to Jerrell Richards of Texas Auto Superstore, which is handling the bids.

Richards told Hair Balls that, while these proceeds won't go toward charity, the store will be auctioning another of McGrady's vehicles and donating a portion of the money to MD Anderson. (That vehicle would be a 2005 Suburban which was custom-converted into a limo).

The 493-HP, V12 Benz is really something, though: the Gucci leather seats are equipped with heaters and massagers. That's worth most of the asking price right there.

-- Craig Malisow 

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