Photos by Robb Walsh
Taqueria Tacambaro behind the Farmers Market on Airline.

Taco Truck Disappears, Reappears

Houston artist and French-born gourmet Bernard Brunon was so impressed by the tripe and sweetbreads at Taqueria Tacambaro, the taco truck behind Caninos Produce on Airline, that he went back a few days later. He called me in horror from the parking lot:

The taco truck had disappeared!

I told him that taco trucks routinely return to home base to get cleaned and restocked. But I was a little nervous since those tripe and sweetbreads tacos are the subject of this week's review.

Bernard Brunon is one happy Frenchman when he gets his tripe tacos.

So I stopped by earlier this week just to make sure that the Taqueria Tacambaro truck (it's actually a trailer once the pickup truck leaves) had reappeared. It had.

And now we can all slurp down those lovely tripe tacos again. -- Robb Walsh


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