Taconmadre Is Hit for Not Paying Employees OT or Minimum Wage

Taconmadre Mariachi Bar & Grill has agreed to pay $275,706 to employees who did not get overtime or minimum-wage earnings they deserved, the Department of Labor announced today.

Workers at three Taconmadre locations "received salaries that did not yield the minimum wage and were not paid overtime wages for hours worked beyond 40 in a week," the department said. "Furthermore, illegal deductions for uniforms and lost items were taken from employees' paychecks, and the companies did not maintain all required records."

"This employer took advantage of vulnerable workers by failing to pay them the federal minimum wage," said Cynthia Watson, regional administrator for the department. "And employees worked up to 91 hours in a week without overtime compensation. These practices are illegal and unacceptable."

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Seventy-two employees will receive the back pay.

Ernesto Enterprises Corp. and Jonathan Enterprises Corp. are the entities that formally own Taconmadre and they cooperated with the investigation.

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