Take a Guess

Apparently Ben "Bueller...Bueller...Bueller" Stein had a less-than-stellar experience recently at a Houston hotel.

He writes (in what seems to be a pretty pointless piece) in yesterday's New York Times:

In my hotel room in Houston, my phone did not work. I called the desk staff to ask that they turn it on. First they said they were not sure that my account allowed me to use the phone. Then they said they were too busy to use the phone turn-on equipment for me. I spoke strongly to them.

They sent up an engineer, an older man (not as old as I am), to tell me that my phone was not broken. "The people at the desk turn over pretty often," he said, "and they aren't very smart to start with and they don't care much about the guests, but I'll get it turned on." That man had given a perfect summary of what's wrong with hotels. And he got the phone turned on.

Off to supper all by myself at a nearby spot called Sullivan's. Between courses of its sinfully good food, I read Marshall Frady's awesome biography of Martin Luther King Jr.

So Sullivan's treated him well, but the "nearby" hotel, if we might be permitted to lapse into legalese, totally blew goats. Anyone got any guesses as to which Galleria-area hotel he was kind enough not to name? Hit up the comments section and start libeling away. — Keith Plocek

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