Take Your Dog to Work Day: 11 Oh-So-Cute Photos of Dogs Dressed for the Job

Tomorrow is Take Your Dog to Work Day, which also could be called Annoy Your Co-Workers Day, but we're sure it's fun for the pets and their owners.

Some people don't just take their dogs to work; they dress them for the job. And take pictures of them. And post them on the Internet, which is where we found these pooches, in appropriate work attire. So use these suggestions, depending on where you work:

11. If you're a lumberjack Or you work in a Nirvana cover band, either way.

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10. If you work in Whole Foods We have 1,487 brands of expensive dog food just for you.

9. If you're a TxDOT worker It's my break, dammit!

8. If you work in a bank This guy looks like he'd be inwardly smiling as he turns you down for that desperately needed loan.


7. If you have undefined duties in an NBA player's entourage It's still work, man.

6. If you're a doctor I don't know, this little guy looks like he'd get the yips during surgery.

5. If you're a madam With style and taste.

4. If you don't have a job but hang around the tennis courts at the club Well, someone's got to.

3. If you work at Starbucks We're guessing those are mellow CDs he's standing next to.

2. If you're a white-boy rapper From the mean streets of West U, baby.

1. And, if you're unemployed Get out of that bathrobe and network. And stay strong.

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