Tamalalia Returns!! Kind Of

For a lot of years, the Tamalalia shows were a Houston summer tradition -- annual, hilarious, musical-comedy romps by rubber-faced comedienne Tamarie Cooper and her colleagues at Infernal Bridegoom Productions.

But IFB disappeared in a still-mysterious wave of financial shenanigans, and so did the Tamalalia shows.

Most Many Some of the IBP folks went on to found Catastrophic Theatre; IBP exists only in a murky land where lawyers and other dangerous proceedings still drag on and make everyone involved uncomfortable.

So just because Tamarie Cooper is doing a new summer musical this year, please don't think it's another Tamalalia. They're not calling it that, OK?

Just go and enjoy the hell out of it.

Catastrophic has announced the new production which, to be sure, doesn's sound a whole lot different than the typical, terrific, Tamalalia show.

Cooper's new show takes the audience on a journey to the center of her brain (enter at your own risk!). Singing neurotransmitters, brainfarts, raging hormones, Tamarie's inner child, id, and super-ego are just some of the characters featured in this journey of self-discovery, science-style!

In this world premiere musical extravaganza, Tamarie plays herself and she shares the stage with Catastrophic favorites Kyle Sturdivant as her Self-Control, Walt Zipprian as Dopamine, Noel Bowers as a blues-singing brainfart as well as Daniel Adame, Julie Boneau, Jeremy Carlson, Sara Jo Dunstan, Rebecca Randall Feit, DeWitt Gravink, Christian Holmes, Sean Patrick Judge, Richard Lyders, and Karina Pal-Montano Bowers.

Nope, sounds nothing like a Tamalalia.  (To be fair, the announcement actually references the old IFB shows.)

So don't worry just because they're not calling it Tamalalia 13. Just go laugh your ass off as you always do.

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Richard Connelly
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