Tania Katrisse Ellington: Sheriff's Deputy's Wife Pleads Guilty to Knowing He Was Helping an Ecstasy Ring

The wife of a former Harris County Sheriff's deputy has pled guilty to knowing about how her husband was helping to run an Ecstasy ring, a lesser charge than the original one she faced of aiding and abetting that enterprise.

Tania Katrisse Ellington, 32, admitted guilt to a charge of misprision of a felony, which is itself a felony.

Her husband, George Ellington, pled guilty earlier this month to taking bribes to get information from the sheriff's office computers for the Ecstasy ring and for using a weapon to escort dealers.

"Tania Katrise Ellington acknowledged she became aware in February 2010 of her husband's actions and thereafter, from February to April 2010, affirmatively concealed her husband's crime from law enforcement authorities by helping him repeat the crime on April 22, 2010," prosecutors said.

She faces three years in prison and will be sentenced in July. Her husband face five years in prison and will be sentenced in June.

He has resigned from the HCSO, by the way.

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Richard Connelly
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