Tanisha Branch: 90 MPH The Wrong Way, Smashes Head-On Into Oncoming Car; She Survives, Other Person Doesn't

There's DWI, and then there's GOOD LORD WTF DWI.

Tanisha Branch,22, is guilty of the latter type, at least according to what Harris County Sheriff's deputies are telling reporters.

Twice the legal limit? Check. Not earthshaking, but not bad.

Open container in car? Check. Going 90 MPH? Yep.

Going 90 MPH the wrong way down a highway? Oh yeah.

All this happened about 2:30 this morning, deputies say.

Barreling down the Eastex Freeway, Branch plowed head-on into a Mercedes that never had a chance. The passenger in the Mercedes was pronounced dead at the scene; the driver is in the hospital.

Branch survived, too. "Police said Branch was taken to the hospital in stable condition," KPRC reports.

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