Target, Whole Foods: It's All The Same To Greenpeace

When it comes to good eating, you wouldn't think that Whole Foods and Target would have a lot in common. Especially when you throw Greenpeace into the equation.

But the two chains have gotten somewhat grudging praise from the radical environmental organization for getting better at what seafood they sell.

Greenpeace said, in its second annual survey of supermarkets, that no one is really doing a great job protecting endangered sea fishies like Chilean sea bass. But some are doing a better job than others.

"While many supermarkets seek to green their image, the bottom line is that they are contributing to the crisis facing our oceans," said Greenpeace's Oceans Campaign Director John Hocevar, a marine biologist. "The initial steps being taken to implement sustainability policies and practices are the right ones, but bigger strides are needed to prevent the collapse of our marine ecosystems."

Among the worts of the 20 chains surveyed: HEB.

Check out the listings here.

-- Richard Connelly

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