Tarp Surfing: Pipeline Tubes Coming To A Parking Lot Near You

It may be storm season in the Gulf, but so far the local breaks have been far from fruitful. For stir-crazy surfers looking for their tube-riding fix, you may want to look no further than that massive blue (or black, for an authentic Gulf surfing experience) tarp folded up in the shed.

Grab a skateboard, a few friends, head to an open parking lot, lay out the tarp, consume your mind-bending drug of choice (or not, just trying to help) and start "tarp surfing." Minutes (or hours, depending on the drug) of enjoyment will follow.

We'll give credit to the Santa Cruz crew (in the video, after the jump) as the founding fathers of the new generation of tarp surfers, even though some bored bunch of surfer-skaters probably stumbled on this enriching pastime sometime prior. Chances are it probably just fizzled out because, well, you're on a skateboard ... in a parking lot ... riding across a tarp. Uh, sweet?

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