Taxpayers to Pay for Part of "Affluenza" Kid's Rehab

The parents of Ethan Couch, the 16-year-old Fort Worth-area kid sentenced to probation after killing four people while driving drunk in 2013, will only pay for a fraction of his stay at a state rehab center in Vernon, MyFoxDFW.com reports.

Couch drew headlines and ire after a defense expert testified the teen suffered from "affluenza," because his wealthy parents never gave him any sense of responsibility or consequences.

At a hearing April 11, officials from the North Texas State Hospital in Vernon "said that Couch's care will cost $715 per day. [They] recommended his parents be ordered to pay a maximum of $1,170 per month -- less than two days per month of treatment," according to MyFoxDFW.

Like many other people, we're a little confused by this decision: If extraordinary wealth was ostensibly a factor in Couch's deadly actions, why are his parents allowed to pay on a sliding scale?

Well, we just hope Couch gets the treatment and help he needs. It's hard out there for affluenza sufferers. Sometimes they get slapped on the wrist quite hard, and it can hurt for a few minutes.

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