Taylor Burnham's Nude Ride: Allegedly Drunk Corpus Cowgirl Leads Cops On Chase Wearing Nothing But Cowboy Boots

Police say a Corpus Christi woman was drunk when they arrested her early Saturday morning after a low-speed chase. At the time of her arrest, 18-year-old Taylor Burnham was wearing nothing but a pair of cowboy boots.

Acting on a complaint about a suspicious person, police found Burnham in a back alley in the 1960s-era, ranch-home-dotted Brady Bunch-esque Lakes subdivision of Corpus, standing in her birthday suit between a Jeep Wrangler and someone's back fence. Instead of sticking around to answer the cops' questions, Burnham jumped in the Wrangler and drove off, cops in pursuit.

The chase only lasted for a mile and a half and Burnham's speed never exceeded 30 miles an hour, police say, but she did manage to steer the Jeep onto the sidewalk at one point.

Once she was apprehended, a female officer arrived to help this South Texas Godiva get decent. And then she was given a battery of sobriety tests, which she appears not to have scored all that well on, as she was arrested for both evading arrest and driving while intoxicated.

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