Tea Party Caucus: Rest Easy, Montrose -- Your Congressman Has Joined This Elite Group

If there's one part of town we think of when we ponder the noisy-old-people phenomenon that is the Tea Party, it's Montrose.

The `trose is just packed with factually challenged, self-deluded Obama-haters...isn't it?

Not really, of course. The neighborhood went heavily Deomcratic in 2008, as it always does.

But thanks to the vagaries of gerrymandering, Montrose's representative in Congress is one of the first, proud members of wingnut Michelle Bachmann's Tea Party Caucus.

John Culberson has joined the exalted ranks of those -- like crazy man Louie Gohmert -- who not only joined the Tea Party Caucus, but appeared at a press conference today to tell the world they have done so.

"It gives me great hope to see the spontaneous creation of the Tea Parties all across the country," he said, according to the Houston Chronicle.

In the last two election cycles Culberson has beaten back Democratic challenges from both a volunteer-heavy candidate and one who financed himself to an impressive degree.

Besides Montrose, Bellaire and West U, Culberson's 7th District also includes the western suburbs that are heavily GOP, offsetting the Democratic leanings inside the Loop.

So stand proud, Montrose: You are part of the Tea Party!! Go get yerself some Mooslims!!!

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