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Just a historical reference, nothing political

Tea Party: Coming Soon To Texas License Plates?

Texas -- ever eager to do its part to foment rightwing nuttism -- may be giving official state sanction to the Tea Party, via license plates.

New proposed license plates from MyPlates.com are out for review, and they include the "Don't Tread on Me" flag that had been part of the American Revolution but now has been hijacked by the crowds at Tea Party rallies. It's a warning against socialist Muslims who have given tax cuts to the middle class, and keeping government hands off Medicare, and so on.

The new plates -- including the "Come and take it" one above, also a Texas tea party favorite -- are apparently a way for those people who splatter their SUVs with bumper stickers to have just one more chance of getting their message across.

Or maybe not. Kim Miller Drummond of MyPlates tells Hair Balls the plates should not be interpreted as political.

"It's not our intent to get caught up in that," she says. "We are working on a flag series. We got the Texas flag design done first. Now these two. Working on an American flag. The Gadsden and Gonzalez flags are really just two more on a list of flags we think appeal to Texans."

She says MyPlates reps "frequently hear that Texans are interested in Texas and American history and symbols associated with patriotism and ideals of independence and freedom."

Or whatever Rush and Glenn Beck are telling them at the moment.

MyPlates, by the way, doesn't offer any "Pro-Life" license plates.

"An activists' group takes that to the legislature about every session I think. They lobby hard, but it hasn't passed in Texas," Drummond says.

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